Scholarship Search Engines and Resources


Scholarship Search Engines

For information regarding the Arkansas state scholarship programs, click on the "Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) Programs" link on the left side of this page.

To search for scholarships unique to your qualifications, try getting registered to these websites:

These search engines are free. CAUTION: No one should ask you for money to find out ways for you to earn scholarship.

Use these sites to input your own personal data, interests, major considerations, heritage, etc. The search engine then sends you an e-mail letting you which scholarships match your criteria. Then you decide for which scholarships you wish to apply.

Unique Scholarship Resources
Single Parent Scholarship Fund:
Single Parent Scholarships (SPSF) are given to low-income single parents who are pursuing post-secondary education in preparation for skilled employment. Scholarship Funds are administered by affiliate organizations and volunteers in each county of Arkansas. Eligibility criteria and application requirements vary by county.

Scholarship resource for students with disabilities:

Scholarship resource for DACA and/or undocumented students:   

Do not forget to check the current Community Scholarship List which can be found on the RHS Scholarship main page.