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What is Economics?

Economics is a social science that studies how people satisfy unlimited wants with scarce resources. It involves the analysis of choice and trade through the use of intuitive graphs and mathematical elements. The discipline is divided into two sections: microeconomics (micro) and macroeconomics (macro).

Global Interdependence "mini-poster or ppt" Project

Rubric for mini-poster project (globalization)

5…Location of country shown

5…Bordering countries noted

5…Exports shown or listed

5…Imports shown or listed

5…Trade partners identified

5…GDP of country shown

5…Average income of citizens of your country

5…Interesting information/facts

5…color used

5…graphics used

10…short presentation of your poster

60 points possible

College and Career Readiness Days (April 16-17)
Copy of ppt and verification sheet (at end of ppt)

Personal Finance end of semester paper/presentation files
Complete Packet link:

Entire project packet
Rubric for grading presentation Paper / Essay Rubric:
-Introduction-10 pts
-Fully developed paragraph for economic goal 1- 10 pts
-Fully developed paragraph for economic goal 2- 10 pts
-Fully developed paragraph for economic goal 3- ‚Äč10 pts -Graphic Element #1- 10 pts -Graphic Element #2- 10 pts -Conclusion- 10 pts
-Spelling- 10 pts
-Punctuation- 10 pts
-Grammar- 10 pts

Individual worksheets from the project packet:
1. Explanation and rough draft planning page
2. Dream Sheet
3. Occupational Expectations
4. Educational Opportunities and Their Cost
5. College Scorecard
6. Housing Costs
7. Credit Cards

Sign up sheet for Personal Finance project presentations Presentations will start Monday, May 7th. All research packets (for all students), as well as essays (for those who chose that option over the presentation) are due at the beginning of the class period on 5\7\18.
Feel free to sign up for presentation times, but do NOT erase or change the dates of anybody who has already signed up to present.

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) packets:
Mr. Patton's Economics AMI Packet #1
Mr. Patton's Economics AMI Packet #2

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